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We look at mental health in a very wholistic sense. Through a combination of wellbeing, medication, and trusted referrals, we help our patients with various mental health problems they may be encountering of varying severity.

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What We help with

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Mental health is often tied with our physical health and our habits. Things such as diet, excercise, and sleep can have a great positive impact on mental health, while smoking and alcohol can have a great negative impact. We talk with each patient and go through what lifestyle changes they can make to improve their mental health.

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We provide a variety of prescription medication to help treat mental health. We also help by screening clinics, providing referrals we trust, and by doing med reviews to ensure the medication you are taking is safe and effective as per the prescription

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Our network of medical professionals includes mental health professionals that we trust. We will always do our best to refer each person to the best possible health professional to help treat and manage any mental health disorder or illness they might be going through.

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